Sartorial science.

In addition to beeswaxed canvas and hemp chambray the Taylor Stitch-ers have now done a number on denim, and we reckon it'll never be the same. Once again they've commissioned custom cloth that goes beyond what's currently available. The result as they note is nothing less than "the future of denim."

The secret ingredient is Dyneema, also known as the world's strongest fiber, which is 14 times stronger than steel, nearly as soft as silk, and is more commonly used to make bulletproof vests. Mixed in with traditional cotton and a bit of Polyamide it offers unprecedented abrasion resistance – seven times more than normal denim – protection, durability, stretch, temperature control.

Ultimately it can not only withstand the road rash from a motorcycle crash but will last longer than any other denim on the market. Hence Taylor Stitch has used it in two new pieces in its super-cool moto collection crowned by the awesome leather jackets we wrote about recently. 

The new Long Haul Jacket in Dyneema Denim is destined to go down in history as one of the most innovative garments ever created. The Steve McQueens and James Deans of today will likely go down in history wearing it. Get in on the pre-ordering and so could you.