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This Sumptuous Cashmere Sweater is Straight Out of Steve McQueen's Closet

Knockout knitwear.

For gentlemen of style one of the all-time great icons is the 1968 Steve McQueen starrer The Thomas Crown Affair. Not only a damn fine piece of cinematography but a master class in iconic menswear.

Among the many enviable items that McQueen wore on camera and off while filming the flick was a gorgeous Aran knit fisherman's sweater. Part of the appeal is that it's impossible to tell if it came from the wardrobe department or the King of Cool's own closet. 

The Aran takes its name from the Aran Islands in Ireland where fishermen's wives knit such things by hand, and no doubt McQueen's was an original. But classic clothier Lands' End has just given it a major upgrade, creating an ultra-luxe 100% cashmere version that McQueen would've killed for.

For one thing, they sourced the cashmere from Inner Mongolia, where the very best Kashmir goat undercoat fleeces are found. It's extra thick having been knit with two-ply yarn. And then they've used a “shaped in the knitting” technique to produce a really incredible fit.

The plushness, softness, and thickness of this beauty cannot be exaggerated. It's available in classic ivory and a sensational shade of rich navy blue. And it's a total steal at $399. McQueen to the set, please....