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Steve McQueen's Favorite Shirt Was Resurrected by Flint & Tinder

Take a gander at photos of Steve McQueen and he looks most comfortable away from the hubbub and hustle of Hollywood, roaming the mountains and desert in an old Land Rover, hunting, fishing, and generally not giving a damn. On his back, a beautiful denim shirt with a touch of western flair, weathered to perfection and worn like a second skin.

It's an image that's always stayed in our minds, and apparently the same goes for the guys at Flint & Tinder who've just recreated the sweet piece in their own way.

As always with the Flint & Tinder crew, it's all in the details: handsome burnt cow bone snaps instead of buttons, silver stitching for a more contemporary feel than the traditional orange, and a specific 8 oz weight that finds the perfect balance between durability and lightweight comfort.

Made in USA, it's tailored for a McQueen-like fit and available in two different washes. Whether you're escaping the film set or just aiming to be the most comfortable man in the room, this is one wardrobe staple you'll want to stock up on.