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This Organic Cotton Denim Jacket Is for Modern-Day Steve McQueens

The denim jacket is one of the all-time great symbols of sartorial insouciance – it says "I don't really care how I look" but also happens to look damn good on pretty much any man. This has been true for over 130 years, which doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.

Which is where the apparel artisans at Taylor Stitch come in. We're constantly awed by their ability to reinvent classic items of clothing from the ground up while simultaneously retaining all of the features which made them iconic in the first place.

Their latest feat is an organic cotton denim jacket made to look like a vintage piece from c.1968 yet undeniably modern in its details. It's based on the brand's pitch-perfect Long Haul trucker-style silhouette, yet has been totally reengineered.

The painstaking process began with perfecting the custom fabric and keeping it 100% organic – which presented some "major logistical hurdles" for the Taylor Stitch crew, but they do love a challenge, as the Long Haul Jacket in Organic '68 shows.

The custom 13-oz organic cotton was developed in collaboration with ISKO Mills, industry leaders in responsible denim manufacturing, and offers all of the benefits of traditional denim, including its tensile strength and unique look and texture, but with a "dramatically diminished impact on the environment." 

The styling is totally timeless – "this jacket wouldn’t be out of place if it took a 50-year trip into the past" as the brand notes — but details like a custom cotton San Francisco map print on the interior pockets, custom YKK buttons and rivets, and a reinforced collar and front placket, give the game away.

And true to its name, the Long Haul jacket has been built to last, which as Taylor Stitch notes (and we concur), "is perfect because you’ll want to wear it every day."