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Special Promotion: Imperial Black Makes Killer Dress Shirts + Gear For Men

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If you're a man with a passion for travel, adventure, and the best things the world has to offer---Imperial Black has to be on your radar. They're the kind of guys that like to race old cars and motorbikes, sail about forgotten archipelagos, traverse lonely ridge lines and tend to keep moving---all while making quality shirts for the gent who likes to do the same. Their signature collection, which pairs masterfully with a suit, features italian fabric, a tailored cut, single needle stitching, and mother of pearl buttons. Shop all of it here.






Oh, and one more thing---the Imperial Black guys are an active part of the charity Project Soar that helps enrich the lives of children as they strive to be all that they are capable of being. The main focus of Project Soar is to help girls between the ages of six and thirteen be strong, educated, creative, and independent. It's really cool of them to be involved, and a portion of the proceeds for certain products get donated to the cause.