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Behold the Softest, Sturdiest Japanese Selvage Jeans Ever

Headquartered in Ibara, Okayama, on the southern tip of Japan’s largest island, the famed Nihon Menpu textile mill has been producing some of the world's finest denim for nearly a hundred years. So of course they were bound to come to the attention of the clothing cognoscenti at Taylor Stitch

The S.F.-based brand recently got hold of some bolts of Nihon Menpu's coveted 14-oz. selvage denim, a blend of soft cotton and sturdy linen with some truly amazing texture. And set about crafting some jeans that are second to none in terms of comfort and durability. 

Their Nihon Menpu Selvage jeans are made in the U.S.A. and come in both Slim and Democratic fits, allowing you freedom of choice. At 14 oz., these are a touch heavier than Taylor Stitch's typical offerings, which just means you'll get more years of wear out of them.

And of course, there's the attention to detail we've come to expect from the T.S. crew: rugged YKK hardware, custom S.F. map-print pocketing, and the signature leather patch on the waistband. 

If you've never owned a pair of Japanese selvage jeans before, it will only take a couple of wears and washes to understand why they're in such high demand.