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So Needed: These Sunglasses Will Text You If You Forget Them Somewhere

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Ever leave your sunglasses somewhere? Probably. And it's the absolute worst feeling, especially if you threw down some serious cash and got something from a brand like Persol. Thankfully, these bad boys from Tzukari are arriving just in time. They embedded custom designed beacons into every pair, so it will shoot you over a load alarm notification via the corresponding iPhone application if you've strayed too far from them.

They designed and constructed each pair by 3D analyzing thousands of faces, and the end result are frames that fit with a broader range of facial structures. They have six different designs in three sizes, so no matter what, they'll be something for you.

Quality wise, the frames are handmade in Japan by the best artisans in the world and every frame is kitted out with quality polarized, anti-scratch lenses with 100% UV protection. These will be on par if not better than your average pair from Ray-Ban you can snag at a department store.

Pre-orders start soon and there's no word on the price, but chances are, even if you don't get a pair from Tzukuri, more and more companies with start including this technology into their sunglasses. The future is exciting.