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Sleep In Style: 10 Loungewear Items With An Extra Dose Of Cool

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Whether your enjoying a Sunday morning with coffee and football or curling up with your sexy significant other in bed, there's a better way to go about it than in some ratty old gym shorts you bought at Target. Ditch those Homer Simpson PJ pants for one of these recommended favorites. You'll look better, feel better, relax better, and sleep better.

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Sleepy Jones Pajama Set: These bad boys are basically the Aston Martin of pajamas. They have a modern and tailored fit, a classic style, and a comfort level that'll make your bed seem like a cloud. Can't rec these more.

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Under Chambre Kimono Robes: The anti "Schmidt from New Girl," these Kimono style robes will make you feel more James Bond than The Dude after getting out of the shower.

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Reigning Champ Sweatpants: A lot of the more tailored sweatpants that are popular right now are not necessarily the most comfortable sweatpants. For lounging and sleeping, we found that the stuff from Reigning Champ is the best. It's comfortable, allows for a lot of movement, plus it has ties at the ankles that let you to manipulate it into a more tapered, tailored look---perfect for running errands or wearing out and about casually. It's the best of both worlds.

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Derek Rose Leather Slippers: Old-school style and butter soft leather at its best. These are a bit on the pricey side, but will make you feel like an international playboy on vacation.

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Sunspel Cotton Shorts: These are money to lounge in and even sleep in, but are stylish and tailored enough to wear casually with a tee shirt or polo shirt while running errands or grabbing a laid-back lunch.

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Rollbahn Spiral Notebook: The best thing you can do is to sleep with your phone in the other room---it makes for less bright screens and distraction while trying to get some shuteye. But it's always good to have something to jot down creative outbursts or brilliant late night ideas in---so this stylish spiral notebook is a good call. Rollbahn makes our favorite--quality, simple, and cool.

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CWST Miramar Sweater: Whether you're reading in bed on a cold winter morning or lounging with tea before you jet off to work, this sweater from CWST is the real deal. It's made of this insane reversed french terry fabric that looks amazing, feels amazing, and is almost impossible to wrinkle. Best part? You can dress this thing up just as easily as you can dress it down, making it an outstanding and versatile essential to have in your wardrobe arsenal.

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Norse Projects Socks: A good pair of warm socks are crucial for optimum comfort. The ones we rec the most are the incredibly soft and stylish ones from Norse Projects. Everything the brand does is so perfectly cool and minimal.

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Stylish Books: Beautiful and inspiring photo-focused reads are always a good source of inspiration whether you're going to bed or waking up. Your standard books are important to have laying around too, but a handful of these hyper-focused on your favorite hobbies and travel spots will constantly inspire you to live better.

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Hanro Cotton-Beldn Boxer Briefs: Nothing can make your morning, afternoon, or night worse than an uncomfortable pair of underwear. These ones are ultra-soft, clean-cut, ultra-stretchy, and it's scientifically impossible for women to dislike them. They'll make you look good.

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NN.07 Blanket: A plush and luxurious blanket can turn your sleeping and lounging situation up a notch. This one is such a looker with a price tag that won't completely break the bank.