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The Secret Weapon Against Going Bald: Science

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Yul Brynner. Dwayne 'The Rock’ Johnson. Two opposite generations that made bald great again. But racing chariots around ancient Mesopotamia and punching dudes out of the windows of flaming skyscrapers isn’t exactly a portrait of the everyman, so put down the razor and listen up: you can keep your hair. All of it. We get it – the urge to follow in the footsteps of these bald, badass icons is tempting at the first sign of a receding hairline, but our buddies at Hims are here to do more than just spare us the misery of deciding on whether or not we can roundhouse like Statham – they’re here to de-mystify men’s wellness as a whole, making it easier to research and access the affordable essentials that we need the most – stuff like prescription-grade hair care products to ensure your grandfather’s legacy won’t be how he left you without a full head of hair.

A lot of guys lose their hair. If your pops is any indicator, it’s kind of a thing. Actually, though, as many as 85% of all men experience some sort of hair loss throughout their lifetime – and for some guys, it starts happening as early as their twenties. Now, whether or not it grows back usually depends on a few factors, but genes tend to be the primary reason why it leaves and never comes back. Hims understands that the best way to keep your hair where it belongs is to do something before you've lost it. This could be as easy as chomping down on some tasty Biotin gummies, or a quick daily application of Minoxidil to the scalp, which can not just slow hair loss, but promote re-growth. If your genes signal inevitable hair loss though, the best approach is to fight back with a little old-fashioned science, using a combination of products that have been tested and proven to help you keep your hair. This would include both of the aforementioned, along with a specially formulated shampoo, and an FDA approved oral medication called Finasteride (active ingredient in Propecia). Don’t sweat the details too hard though, Hims offers a complete hair kit that covers all your bases, so all you’ll need to worry about is how you’ll be parting that sweet mane. (Our advice: start with a ‘high and tight,’ and let your barber decide the rest.)

Best thing about Hims isn’t just how they’ve quickly become a candid knowledge resource for better understanding the mental, physical, and sexual cornerstones of men’s health, but how they’ve also created a premium line of wellness essentials we love. Stuff like smart skincare, vitamins for everyday preventative maintenance, and even supplements for the bedroom. Everything’s based on name-brand you already know, and could get over-the-counter, but these are at a fraction of the cost, and little more than a click away. Five bucks is all it takes to get started, so unless you’re gonna take your chances with putting on 200 pounds of muscle and parlaying a successful WWF career into a successful acting career, click here to get started with Hims for just $5. Your future hairline is already stoked.