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Rowing Blazers' New Anti-Logo Polos Bring the Right Look

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"If anyone thought this was going to be the decade that people started thinking more about how and where their clothing was made and less about the logo on it, boy were they wrong," says Rowing Blazers co-founder Jack Carlson as he introduces their new Anti-Logo Polo, made from 100% Peruvian pima cotton with a split tail and three-button placket. 

"I like graphics, emblems, symbols as much as the next guy, but I don’t like being a walking ad," continues Carlson. "I especially don’t like emblems that are phony without even being tongue-in-cheek. These crossed racquets are the ultimate anti-logo. They make no claim to belong to one club or another. And they aren’t ours exclusively: they don’t belong solely to Rowing Blazers and they aren’t a corporate logo. It’s a motif that is – literally – generic. For everyone. It’s timeless and transcends connotation."

Available in a multitude of colorways with a slightly relaxed fit and classic feel, the Anti-Logo Polo stands out without standing out while providing a unique look that separates itself from the sea of usual suspects. "Wear it if you like tennis – or squash, or rackets, or court tennis, or badminton, or any other racquet sport – or even if you don’t," recommends Carlson. "In a logo-dominated world, it’s the simple, timeless, even generic that truly stands out." Hear hear....