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The Right Way to Revive White Leather Sneakers

Oliver Cabell just introduced a new shoe whitener formula that effectively repairs minor scratches and scuffs on white leather sneaker while bringing out its natural color and nourishing and protecting the kicks. Its the first of its kind in the category and a great way to bring old favorites back from the dead.

On top of the shoe whitener, they also unleashed a gentle foaming shoe cleaner that effectively removes dirt and stains and a stylish shoe cleaning brush made from handcrafted natural beech wood with soft hog's hair bristles. These are designed to use on all colors and materials including leather, canvas, suede, nubuck, cotton, and more.

You can buy any of the above as separates or as a package at a discount, so head here stat if you're looking to resurrect a classic set of sneakers instead of splurging on a fresh new pair.