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These Former Under Armour Execs are Making Your New Favorite Jeans

A few Under Armour execs recently left the performance athletic brand to blaze their own trail with menswear brand Revtown, which specializes in handsome denim that's tough as nails but still wildly mobile and comfortable.

Their jeans are made from proprietary Italian denim that's designed to keep you on the move without ever feeling restricted, all with a product that actually looks and feels like denim, not some delicate-overly-stretchy-hybrid that ages horribly and comes off like an unflattering chino.

Style-wise, these are squarely in the "anti-hipster" category: no tight thighs or trendy washes here. Just classic jeans, like something Steve McQueen might have worn at his ranch. And Revtown, like a lot of new clothing brands in the space, deals directly with its customers, so they can sell designer-quality denim at a fraction of what the fashion-y brands are offering. 

Head here to shop through the different styles and find something that's right for your taste and lifestyle. Our favorite option is the over-saturated black jean with a taper through the ankle. Not only does the deep color hold over time but the fit is definitely on point and their specially developed denim fabric feels great against the body.