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The Score: This Elevated, Heat Panel-Equipped Parka Just Went On Sale

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Parkas don't usually look as sleek as the Volt Jacket, released late last year from Proof. They also don't keep you as warm. That's thanks to not only the down insulation but the battery-powered heat panels cleverly integrated into the lining. "The panels produce the heat, the insulation locks it inside, and the water-resistant shell keeps out the cold," they note. "Winter doesn't stand a chance." And lucky for you, we just spotted it on sale right here.

The built-in heater is made up of three panels, one at the back and two at the chest. The special metallic lining helps spread the heat efficiently, while the 10,000mA battery takes on freezing temps for 5-8 hours before needing to be swapped out. 

Perfect for taking on Aspen getaways and the snowpocalypse with equal ease, this is a smart way to add a little Tony Stark-style technology to your winter wardrobe.