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Responsibility and Style Come Together in Outerknown's S.E.A. Shirts

Outerknown, the cool clothing brand co-founded by pro surfer Kelly Slater as a way to bring true style and responsibility together for the first time, makes clothing so comfortable you'll forget its also good for all of us. That's because Outerknown backs up its "commitment to people and planet" by making sure everything they sell is ethically sourced and sewn and environmentally friendly. 

The latest example: the brand's great S.E.A. button-down shirts in lightweight 100% organic cotton which come in 10 perfect colors ranging from Blue Fog to Pink Haze.

S.E.A. stands for Social and Environmental Accountability, but if you just want to focus on how cool they look, with a streamlined appearance thank to a slim cut and collar and no placket, that's OK too.

Though the fabric is super light the weave is pretty tight so the shirts still retain heat and you can adjust airflow via the number of buttons you choose to leave undone.

To boot, using organic cotton saves 90% more water in the growing process than the stuff sprayed with pesticides, a great fact to produce at cocktail parties when you get the inevitable compliments on your new shirt.

Outerknown is offering Airows readers a generous 25% discount on not only these shirts but everything in their digital store – just use the code OKAIROWS25 at checkout.