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Outerknown and Levi's Partner on Earth-Friendly Denim

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Since the beginning, Kelly Slater's Outerknown brand has been avoiding denim at all costs. “The clothing market, in general, is a dirty business,” said Slater in 2014. “We aren’t doing denim to start with because we can’t do denim in a way we feel is environmentally friendly at this point. It uses a lot of water and if you go to the places where they make the denim, the rivers are blue and there’s nothing alive in them.” Three years later, they found a way to do it right.

In partnership with Levi's, the fully recyclable denim collection is crafted from single-fiber polyester and USA-grown cotton that uses 70% less water than standard denim processing at factories. “There is this false notion that ethical fashion can’t also be good looking or cool — that ethics and aesthetics can’t exist together,” said Levi Strauss VP Paul Dillinger. “Outerknown is helping us break that perception and show that we can make ethical, amazing-looking products that don’t sacrifice sustainability.”

Included in the capsule are earth-friendly denim jeans with the classic 511 fit and two different denim jackets. If you care about the environment and looking good, you should definitely consider adding a few of these to your wardrobe.