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Outerknown's mission sounds deceptively simple: where style meets sustainability. But while lots of people are bandying about such phrases these days, the LA-based men's clothing brand really means it. Co-founded by pro surfer Kelly Slater, alongside industry veteran John Moore, they believe we should care just as much about where our clothes come from as we do about the food we eat. 

As a professional athlete, Slater had long been focused on the food portion of clean living without ever giving much thought to how clothing is being made. When Moore unveiled how dirty the clothing manufacturing process can be and its environmental impact, Slater & Moore decided it was time to change the game, and create clothing that reflects their style and values.

Thus Outerknown was born with one mission in mind: “make every decision with the highest regard For People and Planet." More than just some catchy copy, Outerknown "examines every aspect of our business through the lens of responsibility," and its goal is nothing short of "protecting natural resources, empowering the people crafting our clothes, and inspiring positive change within the industry and society as a whole."

All this, of course, was once thought incompatible with actually being stylish; only rumpled, grungy hippies cared about wearing hemp and the like. But that's no longer the case, and Outerknown's collection, made with innovative, organic and recycled materials sourced from factories that share the brand's values, is as effortlessly cool as Slater himself. A great reflection of the brand’s evolution can be seen in their signature, best-selling Blanket shirt, which has grown to include 17 colors and is every bit as soft and comfortable as it sounds.

Made from 100% organic cotton heavyweight twill, they come in a variety of solids, patterns and plaids, and have a suitably relaxed, and not trendily tight, fit. Rugged, versatile, essential, they're built to withstand the rigors of travel and stand up to wrinkles and the elements.

Even better, Outerknown is offering Airows readers a generous 25% discount on not only these shirts but everything in the store – just use the code OKAIROWS25 at checkout. So go forth and feel just as good as you look.