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Our favorite swimwear dudes are the guys behind Onia, the low-key but luxurious brand that make minimal trunks for modern men. Their latest work features gorgeous photos taken by NASA astronauts and they look just incredible. 

International Space Station Sunrise

A breathtaking image over the Atlantic Ocean that was shot from the International Space Station – 268 miles above earth. This image captures that moment when one wakes up in time to watch the sunrise, on the way to catch that early flight to dive in the ocean and watch the same sun set in another part of the world. 


An aerial shot of Burma’s crystal blue Andaman Sea along the border of Thailand. The archipelago is made up of more than 800 islands surrounded by extensive coral reefs. Traveling through the never-ending skies, this image depicts a view from the plane above endless locations of beautiful places to explore.

The trunks are available here and here for $225/each.