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Nike's First Real Track Shoe Is Being Reissued With Massive Amounts Of Vintage Style

Circa 1972.
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Back in 1972, Nike released its first track shoe, the Cortez, to massive success, cementing it as a major player in the footwear scene.  It was a simple and cool look with great colors, a soon to be iconic logo, and a heavy dosage of performance.

The Original:

With such an emphasis on bright neon colors and fancy materials in 2015, there's a large audience of Nike fans that miss the old school looks. Thankfully, the Oregon giant realizes this, and is launching an amazing reissue of the '72 Cortez in its original colors.

The Reissue: 

If you're into it, it will be available on September 24th for $100. They're expected to go VERY fast, so plan to be quick with your "add to cart" skills come the release date.