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Nike's First Power Lacing Shoes Have Arrived

'Back To The Future' status. Kind of.

Since Back to the Future II, the idea of power laces is something nearly every person has dreamt about.

Is it needed? Not at all. Does it make your life significantly easier? Better? Not really. But do we want it? Absoltuely.

Thankfully, Nike has answered your prayers and will be mass-producing self-lacing sneakers starting this winter.

Basically, when you put the shoe on, your heel hits a sensor that triggers the laces to automatically tighten. There's also a button on the side of the shoe that can adjust how tight or loose you want the fit.

The first shoe to feature this technology will be called the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, but we're relatively certain other models will be getting this treatment shortly after.

Now to just find a decent hoverboard.....