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Mess of Blues Is a Masterful Mashup of Modern and Vintage

Mess of Blues, the vintage-and-custom-clothing and grooming brand founded by Stefano Zamuner, started in 2016 with hair-grooming products, ties and pocket squares. In the past few months, he has expanded into hand-tailored clothing and footwear in a move that is excellent news for any gent who appreciates classic menswear with a retro flair and unique point of view.

Zamuner, who is based in Miami and NYbut hails from Venice, Italy, has a degree in Industrial and Car Design from Politecnico di Milano, so classic cars play a part in his aesthetic. Mess of Blues is his homage to the "effortless style and confidence that the biggest names in rock, jazz and blues music—from Elvis to Sinatra, Miles Davis to Muddy Waters—expressed through their lives, on and off stage."

He incorporates vintage fabrics into his clothing designs, which are all made by hand in Italy, except for the shoes which are handmade in Spain. "What we do is true design starting with hand sketching, then converted into purely artisanal work, enriched by beautiful human imperfections, making our garments unique and full of soul," as he puts it.

Merchandising and other such terms have no place in his vocabulary. "For me it’s not about products, it’s about reviving old memories and feelings which I want to bring back to life in a new modern way and hopefully that will be carried on to the next generations," he says.

Our favorite of Zamuner's designs is the green silk Watches Shirt, which features his hand-painted illustrations of iconic men's watches, including the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, Rolex GMT-Master, Cartier Tank, Omega Speedmaster, and Heuer Monaco, among others.

Vintage watches are "an incredibly fascinating world, [all] about timeless values, and like my products they can be passed on to the next generation," he says. The shirt is "bold and elegant.... the perfect item to wear in the summer with rolled-up sleeves for a drink after the beach, under a dark-blue blazer, or even as a top layer over a fine merino turtleneck during chilly seasons."

This item and all of his creations, he declares, demonstrate "my love for effortless American style and vintage in general, blended incredibly in my heart together with a true passion for craftsmanship."