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Here's a Morning Routine for Men Who Want to Start the Day Off as Handsomely as Possible

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Matthew Taylor Ruggieri is an Airows kind of guy. The young, stylish USC grad started out in filmmaking before becoming a serial entrepreneur, co-founding two men's grooming juggernauts, and Port Products, where he oversees product development and operations.

Port Products, in particular, has become an obsession of ours, thanks to the way they set out developing the skincare essentials men actually need and then delivering them right to our door. The products, like a Patrick Bateman-worthy Marine Layer Intense Recovery Mask, are game-changers to boot.

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We recently caught up with Ruggieri to find out about his personal morning routine in the hopes of picking up some tips:

What time do you get up?

I wake up at 7–7:30am daily without an alarm clock. I try to listen to my body’s own clock as much as possible. It’s important that I get out of bed quickly. If I don’t, I feel like my day reflects that decision to move slowly.

What's the first thing you do?

I drink water, sometimes with citrus. I often wake up feeling dehydrated and it helps me kickstart the day. Then I’ll make a cup of coffee and head to the gym or a yoga class at least three times a week, purposefully leaving my phone at home or in a locker.

As an entrepreneur, it’s difficult to resist looking at e-mails as soon as you wake up, and this way I'm sure of having at least an hour of time to think/reflect in the morning. If I don’t work out in the morning, it’s hard for me to motivate myself to do it in the afternoon.

What does your morning grooming routine look like? Which products do you use and why?

I jump in the shower around 9:30 am. I use our Skin Renewing Face Scrub a few times a week and our Balancing Daily Moisturizer once I get out of the shower. I like that it keeps my combination/oily skin under control.

What's your coffee and breakfast ritual?

Pour-over coffee, preferably Allegro Coffee Organic Early Bird Blend. My breakfast, which I usually make myself after the gym, is a hearty smoothie with banana, berries, spelt and quinoa granola and Sunfood Supergreens and Protein Blend. If it’s not that, it’s scrambled eggs with avocado, greens and quinoa.

Are there any grooming "hacks" you have, for either speed or results?

I cocktail a few drops of our Conditioning Beard Absolute into our Balancing Daily Moisturizer at night for extra hydration. The Beard Absolute works really well on hair, but also on skin. One key to treating oily skin is to not dry it out. Keeping your skin hydrated and adding the extra oil actually helps reduce redness, breakouts and excess oil production.

Is there any grooming move you recently incorporated that changed your look in a major way?

I’ve recently started incorporating anti-aging products mostly as a preventative measure, but I’ve already noticed a difference in my skin. I use our Marine Layer Under Eye Recovery Gel every day and my eyes look more awake. I also started using our Marine Layer Intense Recovery Treatment Masks once a week and my skin is definitely healthier and brighter.

Is there anything in your bathroom that elevates your routine – plush towels or a Sonos unit in the bathroom?

Both actually. I have a Sonos system throughout my loft (including a speaker in my bathroom.) This morning I listened to the Good Morning Jazz playlist on Spotify. Now onto towels: good linens are a recent addition to my home and I’ll never be able to go back. Crisp white bedsheets and plush white towels, washed often, always.