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Mack Weldon: Back to Basics

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The world of men's basics is a crowded market, unfortunately filled with overpriced designer name boxer briefs and three packs of cheap looking t-shirts purchased in a plastic bag. Brian Berger and Michael Isaacman, founders of Mack Weldon, are hoping to provide men's basics that put fit, function and quality first.




The undershirts and underwear by Mack Weldon have some key differences in comparison to their competitors. The briefs feature a super-soft waistband, mesh cool zones, stay put legs (so they won't ride up) and no tags on the inside irritating you. The shirts have an engineered fit to prevent bunching, rotated seems for no underarm friction and a longer length so they'll stay tucked in.



Most of my tee shirts are from Rich in Clothing and underwear from Me Undies, but I really like what Mack Weldon is doing and will give their stuff a try soon. Check out their very well designed and well put together site for some more info and photos.