Tick tock.

Every dude needs a good watch or two and what better wrist inspiration than a few quality follows on the 'ol Instagram? If you get these kinda shots in your feed regularly, it's scientifically proven to make you more of a "watch guy." Enjoy the picks.

1.) Hodinkee

The best watch focused site on the internet has a fantastic Instagram too. Ben and company have excellent taste.

2.) Russell Kelly

It should come to no surprise that the brand manager for Tudor USA has an incredible feed.

3.) Kristian Haagen

A watch collector with a killer eye for quality pieces.

4.) Supercompressor 

Our buds at Supercompressor may not have an IG completely decimated to watches, but there are enough cars, gear, and sex appeal to keep your eyes busy in between watch posts.

5.) Bexsonn

Some of the best watch photography on Instagram with a whole bunch of top-of-the-line whiskey choices to go along with it.

6.) A Continuous Lean

It seems like whenever we do an Instagram roundup, Michael Williams' blog always makes the cut. Another one not completely dedicated to watches, but if you love the good stuff, you'll love his feed.

7.) Marlondesimone

He's the owner/operator of a watch store and when he's not snapping photos of some beautiful watches, he's cruising around in a vintage Ferrari and boating with a nice looking woman on his arm. Not a bad life.

8.) Justin Vrakas

The owner/operator of Watchsteez, this stylish Chicago-living watch enthusiast is constantly posting beautiful timepieces, with a good lot of them for sale via his website. 

9.) Metersfirst

If you love Rolex, you'll love this Instagram follow. It's loaded with premium photography and all kinds of coolness.

10.) Rare Birds

Nobody on the planet does watch photography as well as the dudes over at Rare Birds. Simple as that.