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Levi's Just Unveiled A New Line Of Denim Focused On Maximum Comfort And Mobility

No more rigidness.
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The Levi's team just dropped a new men’s lifestyle jean collection called Motion & Strong that's focused on jeans that feel great, not uncomfortable. 

Their newly developed technical fabrications make 'em stretch and bend in ways traditional denim can't, while still maintaining the durability that jeans are famous for. 

It's the best of both worlds and the perfect look for a weekend warrior who likes to get active but doesn't necessarily want to live in gym clothes all weekend. They're available on, starting today, in a 511 Slim, 513 Slim Straight, and 514 Straight fits, all priced at just $68 a pair. We highly recommended the 514 or 513 cut, as the 511 can feel a little too skinny.