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SUBU Enters Stealth Mode With Exclusive New Slipper

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Tokyo-based footwear label SUBU has led the winter sandal revolution, a hybrid alternative to both slippers and sandals that pairs unexpected levels of warmth and comfort with a sturdy outdoors-ready sole. "Shoes of relaxed days, explorations of the neighborhood, and clear air breathed on a laidback mountain hike," they note. And though the designs can often swerve into eccentric, a clean all-black version was just released in collaboration with SSENSE right here.

The streamlined design pairs cushioned uppers coated with Teflon for water and stain resistance with a four-layer sole structure for exceptional durability and comfort. And though we've seen, and featured, plenty of indoor/outdoor slippers over the years, these are made for outdoor use first, indoor use second, instead of the other way around.