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This Bond-Worthy Bathrobe Will Really Up Your Lounging Game

"Most retail products are overpriced, and most manufacturers are underpaid. Luxury fashion is arguably the worst offender." Wise words from Italic, a new e-commerce venture that works directly with those who actually make the world's best apparel and accessories to ensure you get the good things in life without paying through the nose.

"The manufacturers set the price and we split the profit" is the simple but brilliant concept behind Italic's "Luxury Without Labels" philosophy. By removing brand names, and cutting out retailers, "we pass incredible savings to you without compromising quality." 

The manufacturers own and sell their inventory, meaning they get to keep more of the proceeds, while shelf materials, smaller production runs, and shorter supply chains mean less waste.

Want to get in on it? We do. And we're planning to start with their limited run luxury bathrobe, made by the same manufacturer who produces robes for five-star hotels like the Shangri-La and Four Seasons. This is no generic toweling job either but a super-soft cotton blend made specifically for lounging. 

Foldable cuffs, trim, and handy pockets accented in white give it a dapper touch that we think 007 would appreciate when racking up his own obviously astronomical hotel bills. Bond girls and vintage champagne aren't included but would go great with this piece.

And best of all it's a steal at just $68