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JAK's Effortless Leather Sneakers Won't Break the Bank

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Leather sneakers that are quality, classic and simple are pretty much a must-have for any man who gives a damn about looking good.

The big guns in the space are asking for north of $400. Some will say it's worth it, others will not.

Somehow, JAK is offering their take on the modern essential for just a tad more than your run-of-the-mill, canvas-clad Converse sneakers and far less than comparable options from other luxury brands. 

We're not sure how the number crunching works out, but we're not complaining. 

Handcrafted in Northern Portugal in tiny, family-owned factories, every material is sourced locally, with only premium ingredients used throughout- full grain leather, smooth calfskin interior, you name it.

Available in a few different colorways (you can never go wrong with all white or a crisp black) and currently $25-off over the next few days, getting a pair or two of these in your footwear rotation would definitely be a wise move.