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The Shortcut to Healthier Locks Has Arrived

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California grooming company Jack Henry is our favorite source for contemporary bathroom staples that emphasize clean ingredients without skimping on style or performance. And their latest release is here to help you achieve hair god status.

The Jack Henry Paste provides impressive hair texture and definition with a natural and non-greasy look, making it the right move for any man who needs a bit of product in his locks but hates over-the-top shine or heavy high-holds. It's also loaded with active plant and herb extracts which contain "potent phytonutrients that stimulate the cells in the hair follicle and feed your scalp to keep your hair growing thick and healthy." 

The paste is designed to work with all hair types but J.H. states it's an especially strong play with thin and/or curly hair. Grab your pre-order here before it ships out on Feb. 9.