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Rowing Blazers took an iconic 1984 rugby shirt design from the J.Crew archives and dosed it with their signature style, sowing twill tape into the back of the shirt with "A Fine Disregard for the Rules" messaged on them. 

"According to legend – and it's since been disproved, but who am I to let the facts get in the way of a good story – the game of rugby originated at Rugby School in England during a game of soccer," says Jack Carlson, Rowing Blazers founder. "One of the boys, William Webb Ellis, caught the ball and simply ran with it in his arms to the opposing goal, which was, of course, against the rules." The legend, appropriately, is commemorated with a plaque at the school, which includes the line "A Fine Disregard for the Rules" amongst the text.

"I love that phrase: 'A Fine Disregard for the Rules,'" Carlson explains. "I think that philosophy has a place in many aspects of modern life. How you dress. How you dance. What fork you use. And more importantly, without 'a fine disregard for the rules,' we probably wouldn't have things like America, modern art, women's suffrage, Amazon, hip-hop – oh, and the rugby shirt."

The shirts, in two colorways, are available through J.Crew in limited edition fashion (only 100 for men, 100 for women) and are priced at $98. A classic look with just the right amount of humor and irreverence, this would be a fine addition to any wardrobe.