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This Indigo Waffle Weave Trucker Jacket Is the Most Comfortable Way to Look Really Cool

Think "trucker jacket" and the denim classic comes to mind – maybe rugged twill or even suede if you're really adventurous. But trust Taylor Stitch to throw all that out the door and come up with a completely new version that's bound to become an instant icon.

Their new Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Waffle is nothing short of revolutionary, both for the innovative use of painstakingly-sourced custom fabric and for the way it sheds its predecessors' rigidity for the ultimate in comfort.

Waffle weave cotton is something usually found in sweatshirts or bathrobes. But this isn't just any old waffle knit; the Taylor Stitch crew traveled to Turkey to find some with just the right amount of texture and heft to it that was also dyed a knockout shade of indigo blue. 

Only the fabric was a bit too stiff at first acquaintance, so they carefully stonewashed it just enough to bring out the waffling, soften it up and give it some lived-in character from the get-go.

Over time, the waffling enables intricate fades due to the fabric's "peaks and valleys," with the indigo dye a bit more concentrated in the crevices while the raised threads are more exposed to the elements. This gives each garment a bespoke look depending on wear and further washing, with each taking on its own character along the way.

Pick up one now via T.S.'s clever pre-funding model, bank the sizable discount and wait for delivery later this summer by which time you'll have figured out exactly where and when to wear it. Over and over....