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Find Your New Tailored, Customized Fragrance With Hawthorne

There are few purchases a guy can make that are more intimately a matter of personal preference than cologne. So it’s understandable if the thought of buying a new bottle of fragrance sight unseen (scent unsniffed?) is daunting. But Hawthorne has built a following of devoted fans by turning that very process into a fun adventure.

You’ll begin with an online questionnaire. Are you an extrovert or introvert? What's your drink of choice? What sort of work do you do? Current favorite fragrance? How much do you sweat? Stuff like that.

It all gets processed in their system. In a week or so you’ll receive a handsomely packaged box with not one but two bottles: a separate 'Work' and 'Play' fragrance, plus shower gel, deodorant, and a hefty soap bar. Each is annotated with notes on the particular composition.

Their scents are selected from a library of exclusive custom concoctions made from top-quality ingredients by ‘noses’ (the industry term for a professional fragrance blender) who have worked with some of the top companies in the space. These guys know their stuff.

And there’s a money-back guarantee you’ll love how you smell.

Start freshening up here.