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The Handsomely Handmade Chukka Boots Every Guy Could Use

These will do.

“Shoemaking is an inheritance that's handed down to us. From designing the model, cutting the leather, and forming the shoe, it's an art form." – Willan Ulloa, Nisolo Master Shoemaker

Handmade in an ethical factory in Peru, which pays workers on average 27% higher than the fair trade minimum wage, every bit of Nisolo's luxurious, 100% vegetable tanned leather chukka boot screams cool.

Featuring a more modern toe, sleeker lines, and fewer eyelets than your average alternative, these classic-meets-modern boots are the kind of thing every guy will look and feel great in.

Usually, they're priced at $199, but for a few days, you can snag them for only $175. Get on it before they're gone.