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Taylor Stitch Launches Ultra-Cool Hand-Dyed Indigo Collection

If the sight of deep elemental blue gets you thinking "let’s dive in," then you’ll want to take a running jump into the latest collection from Taylor Stitch. The line consists of four pieces hand-dyed in indigo, the natural pigment used for centuries for its distinctive color.

The company teamed up with Brooklyn-based artist Teresa Misagal who spends part of her year in Japan creating patterns in the technique known as shibori. Technically they’re a highly refined form of tie-dye. Unlike the random psychedelic tie-dye made at summer camp with rubber bands around a t-shirt, shibori is a time- and labor-intensive process to produce particular designs.

The Taylor Stitch release includes two different short-sleeved shirts in a soft blend of 70% organic cotton with 30% linen. The California features navy blots on a white background. The Jack has a button-down collar and is several hues of blue in a subtle geometric pattern. Both are the right length to wear untucked.

The other two pieces in the collection are… bandanas. Yes, the humble blue bandana has been given an upgrade that shows virtuoso style and utility, in a generous 24” x 24” square. Keep it handy on a warm day or tie it around your duffel bag grip for a bit of flair. Available here.