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Guy Fox Will Change The Way You Buy Your Next Cologne

When you’re ready for a new cologne but don’t like the hustle—and sticker shock—of department store shopping, Guy Fox has your back. With their current portfolio of six premium-quality fragrances at an affordable price, you’ll find one to your liking, with a company guarantee.

On their website you can take their Smart Sampling Quiz, and for $59.50 (shipping and tax included) they’ll mail you a starter kit of three samples, plus a coupon to redeem for a full-size bottle once you’ve picked your fave. You can also order a sampler box of all six.

“After testing over forty scents we worked on, with raw materials, we came down to our six signature scents,” company co-founder Liam Eriksson tells AIROWS. Cactus, Tobacco, Balsam Fir and Brazilian Rosewood are among the ingredients sourced for their product line, each blended by a master perfumer.

Get a whiff here.