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10 Best Style Essentials Inspired by Military Gear and Clothing

So much to thank the armed forces for.

Historically the military has been a driving force in innovating men's clothing, dating back to the 1900s when gear created for British soldiers abroad proved too useful to abandon when they got home.

Here are the top 10 items we have the armed forces to thank for:

1.) Aviator Sunglasses

Originally commissioned for American pilots by Gen. MacCready in 1929. 

2.) Duffle Coat

Manufactured to Britain's Royal Navy specifications during World War II.

3.) NATO Watch Strap

First made for the British Ministry of Defence in 1973 and known as the G10. 

4.) Military Wristwatch

The Rolex "Milsub" made for the British armed forces in 1957 wasn't the first military wristwatch but it is the most iconic.

5.) Bomber Jacket

Introduced in 1931 for the Unites States Army Air Corps.

6.) Pea Coat

The original made for the U.S. Navy dates all the way back to 1881. 

7.) Trench Coat

During World War I only British officers were permitted to wear it.

8.) Khakis

The khaki story dates all the way back to 1845 and the British forces in India. 

9.) Cargo Pants

Dates back to 1938 and Britain's Field Service Dress uniform for battle troops. 

10.) Desert Boots

Most likely derived from the boots of South African soldiers worn prior to World War II.