10 Apparel/Accessory Brands Every Guy Should Follow On Instagram

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There are a lot of men's focused brands trying to win over your attention on Instagram, but these are the 10 that should totally be on your "Following" list. Lots of good looks, cool photos, and excellent branding await in no particular order.

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1.) Club Monaco: They have a ton of stellar lifestyle shots to go along with high-end catalogue style photos of their clothes.

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2.) Onia: Our buds at Onia make some of the greasiest swimwear in the game and they're a blast to follow on IG. Only complaint? All of their original content is so good that the curated content from third party Tumblr/Pinterest finds aren't really needed.

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3.) TSOVET: When it comes to social media and branding, practically no one is at the same level as watchmaker TSOVET. Based out of Newport Beach, their stuff is always spot on and meshes perfectly together. Absolutely nothing seems out of place.

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4.) Everlane: Clean lines and clean style that's ultimately extremely classic. Few brands are killing it on social media like Everlane.

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5.) Stubbs And Wootton: This brand makes some of the best shoes on the market and maintains a pretty solid Instagram. It isn't perfect and could use a lot more consistency, but there's enough style here to make it worth your while.

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6.) Harry's: These newcomers to the shaving world have spot on marketing and branding thanks to some killer partnerships and employees. Their Instagram is picture perfect, with innovative product placement and a creative #OwnYourAM hashtag which documents the morning routine of various tastemakers.

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7.) Herschel Supply Co: The only complaint is that the majority of their posts are curated from other photographers, so even though the whole feed looks pixel-perfect, the experience is ultimately less personal. That said---their finds are AMAZING.

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8.) John Elliot + Co: One of the hottest new labels in menswear has a pretty solid Instagram feed too. The photos that show off the California lifestyle are outstanding---just hope we start seeing more product shots that are natural and not snagged from their e-commerce shop.

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9.) J.Crew: All the menswear focused stuff here is spot on and exactly the quality you'd expect from a brand like J.Crew.

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10.) GAP: This all-time classic brand does a great job of showing off their culture with cool lay down photography and travel shots. So well done.

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BONUS - CWST: CWST (formally Rivera Club, pronounced "quest") has a feed full of clean lines and simple California lifestyle shots. A member of the Airows team is heavily involved with their marketing and PR, so it didn't seem right to add them to a "Best Of" list because of the obvious bias. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't follow them anyways.

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