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The Most Versatile Sneaker A Man Can Own

Understated and quality.
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Though you won't be able to hit the gym hard in these, Common Project's white leather slip-on sneakers are as good as they get. 

Simple and low-key, these made-in-Italy wonders are the kind of thing you can pair with anything – denim, chinos, shorts, even tailoring. 

Though the (often checkerboard) canvas alternative is far cheaper, there's a lot of value with CP's take. First, it's leather, so they couldn't be easier to keep clean and bright white. Second, they won't be falling apart after just a few months. In fact, they won't be falling apart after a few years. These things are made to last and even look better over time, especially if you take good care of them.

Right now, they're priced at $440 for the pair. Sure, you could get a running shoe, a decent Nike sneaker, and maybe even a cheap pair of loafers for that price. But all those combined won't compete with how many miles this low-key slip-on will get, nor will any outlast. Your call.