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Specializing in natural grooming products might seem delicate but Bravo Sierra is anything but.

The new upstart, which field test with over 1,000 active-duty military personnel, offers a mix of products led by a buzzy natural deodorant made with probiotics to kill odor-causing bacteria at the source and a non-marking formula that doesn’t stain clothes. Pricing starts at just $9 USD.

Other key products include anti-bacterial wipes, which kill 99.99% of bacteria and deliver a 60-second shower in a pinch, a three-in-one shampoo/body wash/shaving cream solution, SPF 30 facial sunscreen, and hair/body cleanser bar soap. Each arrives with bold, minimalistic packaging for bathroom-upgrading style points.

And to keep everything satisfyingly organized, they also offer an all-black-everything dopp kit cut from heavy-duty nylon and finished with a sturdy seat belt webbing handle. Cooler than cool....