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Budd Shirtmakers London

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There is an art to dressing well and it is artists like Budd Shirtmakers in Piccadilly Arcade, London, who help us to accomplish our sartorial goals. You know that a tailor is amongst the best at what they do when they manage to have an international reputation despite relatively humble surroundings. Budd Shirts typify this superbly as they still operate from the same small London store in which their business began over 100 years ago in 1910.

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Their reputation invariably precedes them and their tailors (who operate from a cutting room above the shop floor) are often flying across the Atlantic to New York to supply shirts to sartorially inclined Americans and the quality of their fine bespoke dress shirts is, quite honestly, unparalleled. It isn’t until you’ve worn a shirt which has been tailored precisely to your dimensions by tailors who are skilled in their craft that you realise just how much more comfortable it is and the fit of such shirts is beyond compare.

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For any man intent on ramping up their style considerably in 2013, a trip to Budd Shirtmakers in London may well be advised. Or, of course, wait until their tailors make the trip to the states and stock up on bespoke dress shirts to last you the year (though they will invariably last a lifetime such is the quality of the tailoring). Find out more about this exceptional tailor at Budd Shirts.

This is a guest post authored by Leo Parker.