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Coolest Lookbook Of 2015 (So Far) Just Dropped

Palm Beach makes a beautiful backdrop.
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Our buds at Boast just dropped what is easily the coolest lookbook of 2015 so far. Their President, friend-of-the-site John Dowling, explained it expertly...

The campaign was inspired by society photography from the 1970's and set in Palm Beach, FL, a frequent downtime destination for the Boast enthusiast. We worked with Ben Hoffman, who regularly shoots for Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, and T Magazine. The Boast aficionado is captured spending a long weekend with friends, enjoying some tennis and the privileges of his affluent lifestyle. Utilizing lush, lavish backgrounds to evoke an early 80's era, this campaign seamlessly juxtaposes a carefree, nonconformist nature with country club roots.

Obviously, this is right up our alley. Hope you enjoy the looks and make sure to check out Boast's newly revamped online store. They make some great stuff--this 80's style rubgy, this shirt, and these pants are currently on the want-list.