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The 3/4 Zip Your Closet Is Missing

Every year, usually in mid to late January, between the last snowstorm and the next polar vortex, you make a change in your life. It’s time to get serious, and coziness is the new law of the land.

The bridges you built to tee shirts, linen, nylon, and anything under 230 GSM are burned so that you can travel warmly. These colder times call for pieces you pull over your head, pieces made of thicker cotton, and intended to be layered. And the team at Taylor Stitch is ticking all these boxes with their new Horizon Pullover.

This classic ¾ zip pullover is made with a unique 10-oz, double-knit, organic cotton fabric. The outside is jersey-like your oldest sweatshirt, but inside is a breathable waffle that faintly shows through the jersey to give the Horizon Pullover a subtle textured look unlike anything else in your closet.

At its core, the timeless ¾ zip is a functional piece, and this example from Taylor Stitch is no exception. The construction, complete with sturdy 2x2 ribbing along the cuffs, hem, and side panel, allows for unencumbered golf swings that won’t turn your top into a belly shirt.

The collar can make or break a ¾ zip. Worn under a jacket or blazer, there are few sights as deflating as the lazy collar. The Horizon Pullover’s stand collar holds its shape without needing to be fully zipped.

The two hand pockets impart the piece with the comfort of a more casual hoodie, but are cleverly hidden at the side seam preserving the more sophisticated design. Finally, there is the hardware. The antique silver YKK zipper splitting the collar is the perfect match for this pullover. A detail you may not notice, but only because it’s been so thoughtfully chosen.

Available here.