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Taylor Stitch's Donegal Wool Shirt Jacket Is Weather-Proofing With Style

The name of Taylor Stitch's latest sartorial innovation is something of a giveaway: the Leeward shirt takes its moniker from the seafaring term that connotes protection from trade winds, but as the brand notes "even those with a healthy fear of the open ocean can take shelter in it." And true to its name, this "sharp, versatile shirt is built to keep you warm and dry no matter the size of the storm."

Donegal wool from Ireland, characterized by its nubby texture and subtle, irregular flecks of color, is traditionally used for crafting rugged sweaters and tweed jackets, but in their usual fashion Taylor Stitch has recreated and repurposed it, breathing new life into the centuries-old weaving technique. 

Their proprietary blend is 60% wool, hewing to tradition, but they've mixed in a bit of polyester for greater weather resistance and durability and ease of care as well as a dash of reclaimed fibers in their ongoing effort to make clothing that is not only beautiful but sustainable. 

On top of that, "we’ve gone a step further and given it a gentle brushing to tease out some of its latent softness," then tailored the finished product into the perfect shirt jacket, which can be worn over everything from a t-shirt to a turtleneck sweater depending on your mood and the weather forecast.

It's available in a gorgeous olive plaid as well as a rich chocolate brown, but note that both are part of a limited manufacturing run, so when they're gone, they're gone.