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Meet the Jeans Alternative You Didn't Know You Needed

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British clothing brand L'Estrange London makes effortlessly designed men's apparel designed to make you feel neither overdressed nor undressed. And their 24 Trouser is the key to it all.

Extremely comfortable and extremely flattering with a dressy feel and secret elastic waist, it continues to be a hit for both the brand and men everywhere. And they just expanded the staple piece with a new style in 100% natural stretch merino wool.

Sourced from Italy, the merino wool is "fabric perfection" and incredibly soft, scratch-free, odor-resistant, and extra warm yet theroegulating. It's also, magically, machine washable, not to mention naturally renewable and biodegradble.

If you like what you see, the look is available in black, navy, charcoal, and grey flannel (our favorite) right here. Jeans are great for fall and winter, of course. But this is a better path.