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Yes, It's Time to Buy a Wool Jacket for Fall

To truly get in the groove sartorially, you need to stay one season ahead. Which means it is now time to stock up for fall. Luckily when you acquire a piece from the likes of Taylor Stitch, it's going to stand you in good stead for many seasons to come.

Which is where their latest creation, the Wilton jacket, makes its appearance. It's a triple threat in the sense that it operates on a few different levels. There's the outer wool shell, the inner polyester fill, and the organic cotton lining, all working overtime to keep you cozy, warm, and looking great.

The Wilton's signature trait is its birdseye finish and wavy quilted pattern which set it apart from the crowd. The wool has a touch of polyester for durability, while the fill is recycled for responsibility, and the cotton is brushed for wearability. As Taylor Stitch puts it, "donning this jacket feel a lot like wrapping yourself up in your favorite blanket."

Pay particular attention to that recycled polyester fill we told you about. It's key in this context because it's lightweight and maintains its insulating properties even when wet. An "array of handy pockets and YKK antique brass hardware round out this exceptional piece of outerwear," the brand notes, and all in all it's designed to "take some of the sting out of those chilly autumn nights" to come.