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These Weatherproof Chukka Boots Will Change The Way You Think About Suede

Suede boots are one of the all-time great menswear moves—the only problem being their somewhat delicate nature. Sure a certain amount of scuffing is encouraged, but put any amount of real wear on them and you'll find yourself having to spring for a new pair after a couple of seasons.

Not so with Taylor Stitch's newest version of their Ranch Boot, however—because the S.F.-based apparel artisans have gone and made them weatherproof. And they've done it without using any nasty chemicals to boot (ahem). 

These perfectly-executed chukka boots in rich coal-black suede have a Goodyear welt sole that can be replaced someday—because these beauties are built to last a lifetime. The suede has a very tight nap, and it’s been tanned with oils that naturally repel water. 

"A lot of suede out there you have to baby, dusting it off after each wear," the brand notes, "whereas ours will take a beating without a sweat." In addition to their durability easy-wearing silhouette, the new Ranch Boot's buttery sheepskin lining and foam insoles give them "slipper-like comfort right out of the box."

As T.S. notes, "the most famous song in the American rock canon heralds the vulnerability of suede shoes." If only Elvis had been able to get his made by Taylor Stitch how differently that might have turned out....