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Five Hyped Sneakers to Covet, Obsess Over & Painlessly Acquire

Over the past few decades, sneakers have become a nationwide obsession. From the original mania of the 1985 Air Jordan release to Jerry Seinfeld’s iconic white sneakers to former president Barack Obama getting in on the fun with his own rare collection of kicks- it’s safe to say sneakers have cemented themselves into the American psyche. This, coupled with the rise of leisure-ware and a more casual approach to professional dress has completely changed the way we look at footwear.

But with so many options and such high demand, it can be difficult to successfully navigate the world of sneakers. Much of the sneaker industry is just noise, with only a very small percentage of the top sneakers being ones you’d feel comfortable actually wearing. The problem is that this top echelon of sneakers can be incredibly hard to come by. A rabid fan community ensures that they are almost impossible to get from retailers, forcing the non-fanatical enthusiasts to rely on the secondary market.

With everybody looking to make a quick buck by selling sneakers at outrageously marked-up prices and an army of bootlegs floating around, this secondary market has become a Wild West of sorts. It’s hard to know who to trust and many of the marketplaces don’t offer a lot of help in determining you aren’t being ripped off.

Enter StockX, a marketplace that efficiently addresses the problems of price and authenticity.

Their stock market for things approach allows for a live bid/ask marketplace that provides you total transparency on info such as when the sneaker was purchased and for how much. This novel approach lets you determine the true market value for a pair of sneakers with almost no hassle.

Gone are the days of not being sure if your purchase is legitimate until it arrives in the mail, as StockX personally authenticates every product that is bought and sold on their site. The seller ships the product to them and they verify the shoes before shipping them to the buyer.

With this marketplace making it infinitely easier for the casual sneaker enthusiast to dip into the secondary sneaker world, shopping for rare sneakers suddenly has become a lot more exciting of a prospect. Here are five of our favorites currently on StockX:

Nike Air Presto OFF-WHITE

Virgil Abloh and his label OFF-WHITE have had a meteoric rise over the last several years, culminating in his appointment as the Creative Director of Luis Vuitton menswear in March 2018. The OFF-WHITE X Air Presto is peak Abloh, delivering something simultaneously familiar and visually arresting, using intricate details and written words to both poke fun at conventional norms and expand upon them.

Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner 700 Solid Grey

A lot can be said about Kanye and his mental state, but there is little arguing about his impact on culture and fashion. Plenty of eyebrows were raised when these chunky runners came out in November of 2017, but six months later they have become a highly coveted cult item. As the dad-shoe continues to make a comeback this has quickly become the gold standard.

Jordan 11 Retro Cap and Gown

Thank Boyz II Men for wearing the Air Jordan 11’s on the red carpet and forever popularizing them as the sneaker to wear for formal occasions. Finally in all black, the shoes boast both patent leather and suede with rope laces inspired by graduation cords, making them the ultimate sneaker to pair with a suit. No wonder they’ve been nicknamed the “Prom Night."

Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Cookies and Cream

The Adidas Ultra Boost has become a staple in the sneaker community because of its comfort and versatility. With tasty color combos like this black and grey “Cookies and Cream” selection, we don’t don’t see the Ultra Boost losing momentum anytime soon.

Jordan 1 Retro High Homage To Home

A homage to Chicago, these Jordans combine two of our favorite AJ1s into one standout shoe. Split down the middle like a prettier version of the Batman nemesis Two-Face, one side of these sneakers boasts the “Banned” AJ1 style while the other side is cut like the “Chicago.” So no matter what side of the bed you wake up on in the morning these versatile sneakers will work for you.