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Taylor Stitch's New Waxed Cotton Bomber Jacket Is Anything But Basic

We're used to Taylor Stitch wowing us with feats of apparel artistry and sartorial ingenuity involving miracle fabrics and the like. But sometimes it's the simple things that make the most impact. 

Take this refreshed version of the classic bomber jacket, a military-derived style whose origins go back several decades. On the face of it, a basic black piece that is almost minimalist. 

Beyond first glance, however, things start to get really interesting. The cloth it's cut from was custom made for the brand by Halley Stevensons, the famed UK firm which received its first patent for water-proofing textiles in 1910. 

The 9-oz dry-waxed cotton is also 100% organic, in keeping with Taylor Stitch's commitment to sustainable style. The Dry Wax Bomber is "sturdy but not bulky, so you can wear it as a shell on warmer days or layer up when it gets chilly," the brand notes.

One of their first pre-order pieces set to drop in the fall, the on-point bomber is designed to be "a unique and highly functional weatherproofed garment that'll keep you dry, cozy, and looking sharp no matter the forecast." Which couldn't be more appropriate these days.