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This Waxed Canvas Parka Will Easily Outlast the Rest of Your Wardrobe

A naturally beeswaxed canvas shell over a un-dyed wool blanket liner – Taylor Stitch's latest piece of paradigm-shifting outerwear sounds deceptively simple.

That's usually the way genius works, and the proof is in the Winslow Parka, another home run not only for the S.F.-based apparel artisans but for practically-minded, style-conscious men everywhere.

Taylor Stitch first turned to Halley Stevensons, UK-based maker of waxed fabrics since 1864, to create a midweight waterproof jacket coated with all-natural beeswax last year.

Now they're going for a heartier item that's suitable for winter and beyond thanks to the custom natural wool blanket liner made from partially recycled fabric.

The liner not only adds a layer of warmth but works to pull moisture away from the wearer. And if you maintain the Winslow Parka properly and the bespoke waxed canvas will outlast its more "technical" counterparts for many years to come.

Long after your pricey nylon shells have become landfill....