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Take $30 Off the World's First Waterproof Knit Sneakers

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Those who know, know.

When it comes to sneakers, nothing is as comfy or breathable as a knit upper.

But obviously, they're not exactly rain-friendly. Well, until now.

Vessi, the British Columbia-based company, developed the first pair of knit sneakers that are 100% waterproof. Not water-resistant. Not water-repellent. Waterproof. And magically, they still allow airflow in so your feet can breathe.

To boot, they added 4-way stretch for extra comfort and gave it an ultra-lightweight build for easy wearing (and easy traveling) all year long.

Available in a few styles you can't go wrong with and now on sale courtesy Black Friday, this is a must-have for anyone living in rainy climates.