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Oliver Cabell's New Boots are Alden-Quality at an Attainable Price

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Getting through winter in style has never been so easy (and affordable) thanks to transparent footwear label Oliver Cabell, who just dropped a collection of Alden-quality boots at an attainable price.

 “To properly pay homage to the category we felt we needed to focus on making the best old world quality boot possible,” Scott Gabrielson, founder of Oliver Cabell, explains. “Like our sneakers, we strive to offer handcrafted boots using old school shoemaking and the finest materials. Ninety percent of our shoes are made with cobblers using simple tools.”

There are three styles at launch, The SB 1, which is a classic lace-up service boot with an ankle boot pattern, The Wilson, which features an elevated shaft and speed hooks, and The Mock, which features a wedge Vibram outsole and is their lightest and most comfortable boot. All are available in three different colorways.

"We seek out suppliers that focus on making one thing really well," Gabrielson continues.  "For instance, when it came to midsoles, we were searching for the best midsole suppliers around. We quickly learned that most boot brands use a cheaper method of making their insoles using cork instead of stripes of natural leather. In the end, we found an old Spanish factory that specifically focuses on making pit-tanned midsoles for premium boots and shoes. They have been producing natural leather midsoles for 75 years, so of course, we had to use them.”

“We wanted to build our boots from the ground up, selecting heavily vetted suppliers for every component," Gabrielson goes on the say. "Because of how intricate we were getting with every detail we soon realized we had to get as close as possible to building the boots ourselves, so we bought part of a factory. This also helped us get over our other biggest challenge to offer premium quality boots at an attainable price. We wanted to use the best materials around, but unlike many high-end boot brands, we didn’t want them to cost $600 to $700. Our solution was an unorthodox one. We decided to purchase part of a factory in Spain so that we could further control our production while reducing the cost of materials and labor. This allowed us to reduce the cost to make ours boot an additional $30 per pair, allowing them to retail for $238 instead of $350. We’re pushing the idea of no-middle men to the next level.” 

If you're interested in upgrading the footwear collection for the sloppy weather ahead, head here to shop all the new looks. No wrong moves.